Main office2-14-1308 HOMMACHIBASHI, CHUO-KU, OSAKA, 540-0029, JAPAN
Establishedin 2009
TEL/FAX+81-6-7777-6804 / +81-6-7777-6806

For foreign manufacturers:

CONSULTING BUSINESS : in order to export foods mainly to Japan,

  1. Checking by ingredient list and production flow chart, and giving advice whether they are in accordance with Japanese Food Regulations or not.
  2. Giving information about suitable Japanese market for each product.
  3. Helping R&D to develop suitable product for Japanese market.
  4. Introducing Japanese and foreign possible buyers.
  5. Introducing foreign products directly to Japanese consumers through our online shopping website.(Scheduled to open in November, 2020) 

We are working with companies in: Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, U.K., France, Spain, Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile and more..

For Japanese importers:

Outsourcing business : in order to help Japanese importers who need help to import foods.

  1. Checking by ingredient list and production flow chart whether the goods will be permitted to be imported to Japan or not.
  2. Taking care of paperwork, from preparing for P/O to checking shipping docs whether there may be any discrepancy on docs or not, before presenting docs to the Customs and Quarantines.
  3. Introducing foreign manufacturers to Japanese importers according to their request.

Working with importers for: supermarket groups, department stores, raw material (for repacking, bakery &      confectionary manufacturers), wholesale and gourmet shops

Product line: Confectionaries, Dried/Dehydrated fruit and other processed fruit, Tea etc.

Please make a contact to KFL@las4esta.com without hesitate!Looking forward to seeing you at international food exhibitions!